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This page contains some precompiled protein test sets generated with RAPHAEL believed to be of wider use. If you want to determine periodicity information for your own particular PDB structures use the RAPHAEL server. The test sets contain a raw list of CATH domains and PDB chains.
(NB: The test sets are quite large, in the range of tens of MBs to download.)

TRAINING AND TESTING SETS, Downloads and rankings:

DISCOVERY SETS, Downloads and rankings:


The sets come as a ".tar.gz" file, meaning that they have to be untarred and unzipped. To do this on linux, type the following into a shell:
$> cd wherever-you-downloaded-the-package

$> tar xvfz archive-name.tar.gz 

$> cd archive-name
In the archive-name directory you will find the *.pdb structures and *.fasta sequences in the folders titled "pdb" and "fasta".

If you encounter any problems using the downloaded test sets, please contact the author at

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