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<div class="mainpage_hubtitle"><b>[[Developers]]</b></div>
<div class="mainpage_hubtitle"><b>[[Developers]]</b></div>
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<div class="mainpage_boxcontents">
Detailed description of all classes and methods. '''Doxygen''' documentation [http://kim.bio.unipd.it/local/DoxyBiopool2014/index.html].
Detailed description of all classes and methods, '''Doxygen'''.

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The Victor library (Virtual Construction Toolkit for Proteins) is an open-source project dedicated to providing tools for analyzing and manipulating protein structures. This Wiki will help you to discover how to use the Victor package through an example driven approach. We suggest to read the Introduction before the Tutorial to have an overview of the main concepts. Victor strength is its computational efficiency thanks to a C++ implementation and a vast repertoire of classes and methods that can be grouped in the following main modules:

  • Biopool - BIOPolymer Object Oriented Library. The core library that generates the protein object and provides useful methods to manipulate the structure.
  • Energy - A library to calculate statistical potentials from protein structures.
  • Lobo - LOop Build-up and Optimization. Ab-intio prediction of missing loop conformation in protein models.

How to download and install Victor.

Main concepts and theory to understand Victor.

How to use Victor through a test case example.

How to use all Victor applications step-by-step.

Detailed description of all classes and methods, Doxygen.

The community involved in the Victor project.

Here you will find references for some parts of the package.

Here you will find a list of the applications that use the package.