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The following figure, describes a generic loop representation relative to some arbitrary origin.


The input file should be an already created LUT and the output file name should be specified, this output file can use more or less disk space, all will depend on what option is used in the -s parameter (s small,m medium,l large):

./LoopTablePlot -i aa5.lt  -o <plot output file> -s m --noRot

The noRot option allows to not rotate the table into xy plane.

Also the option -w can be used to specify what vector will be plotted, by default is the vector EP (EP 0 EN 1 ED 2). LoboAngules.jpg By the other hand the direction can also be chosen using the option -d, the default direction is xy (xy 0 xz 1 yz 2).

./LoopTablePlot -i aa5.lt  -o <plot output file> -s m  -w 2 -d 1

the previous line would plot the LUT rotating the table into xy plane into a medium file, using the vector ED and the direction xz. The printed output would be as:

Input from: ../data/aa5.lt
Output to: outputPlot	 Size = m