LoboLUT all example

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Remember that as shown in [[Features#Lobo|previous section] the LUtables are created recursively. So the first created is always the smallest one.

loboLUT_all -c 5

The printed output would be:

Creating LUT of size 5, checking dependencies ...
Creating LUT aa2.lt
Creating LUT aa3.lt
Creating LUT aa5.lt from aa3.lt and aa2.lt

After this if the LUT for a different length is needed, the application will create only the missing LUTs:

loboLUT_all -c 9

In this case, and considering the aa2 and aa3 tables where already created and saved:

Creating LUT of size 9, checking dependencies ...
adding 5 	 I  	 9 5 
adding 4 	 II 	 9 5 4 
Creating LUT aa4.lt from aa2.lt and aa2.lt
Creating LUT aa9.lt from aa5.lt and aa4.lt